Safety Surveys

Terms & Conditions

Safety Surveys General Terms & Conditions

i. Prices quoted are not subject to VAT

ii. Prices quoted are inclusive of any sampling costs, travel expenses, consumables. The fee quoted is the fee that will be invoiced to the client on completion of the survey report (subject to condition iii)

iii. Fees quoted are based on the information received prior to our site attendance. Should the site or survey type vary substantially from that agreed prior to our attendance then we reserve the right to amend our quoted fee. This will be agreed with the client prior to commencement of the site survey.

iv. An invoice will be issued on completion of the survey report. The survey report will be released to the client following payment in full of the corresponding invoice.

v. The survey report will be issued to the client by email in PDF format, unless agreed otherwise.

vi. Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Qualification & accreditation.

i. Surveys will be carried out in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive document HSG 264, The Survey Guide

ii. All surveyors are accredited to British Occupational Hygiene Society certificate P402 as a minimum.

iii. Bulk samples will be analysed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. Samples will be analysed in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive document HSG 248, The Analyst Guide.

Survey Restrictions & Limitations

i. The client is responsible for providing access to all areas within the scope of the survey. Areas that are not accessible at the time of the survey will be noted as such within the report and should be presumed to contain asbestos until proven otherwise.

ii. The client is responsible for providing access to the site within the agreed time slot. Should our surveyor be unable to gain access to site and as a result be unable to carry out the survey, the client may be subject to a missed appointment fee.

iii. Supply and use of specialist access equipment is not included in the quotation unless explicitly stated. Surveyors will be equipped with a stepladder, typically able to access heights up to 3 mtrs. If access to heights greater than 3 mtrs is required, this should be raised by the client prior to instructing commencement of works. Hire of access equipment will be subject to additional fees.

iv. Metal cladding will not be inspected behind unless there is an access point. Machinery and plant will not be inspected internally. The presence of plant and machinery will also restrict access directly above these areas which may require the erection of an access platform or scaffold which has not been allowed for.

v. Unless Safety Surveys have been provided with information relating to hazards specific to the site, we will be unable to inspect areas where the following hazards may be present; electrical, chemical, biological, noise, operating machinery, confined spaces and falls (inspections on flat roofs will only be undertaken where guard rails are in place). The client is also made aware that under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, they must ensure that any protected species (such as bats and newts) will not be disturbed during the work.

The survey report

i. The survey report will itemise those areas where asbestos containing materials have been detected and provide recommendations regarding subsequent management in situ or removal prior to the commencement of any planned building works. The report and marked up building plans will identify the following:

• The location, extent and product type of any presumed or known ACMs, as far as reasonably practical

• Information on the accessibility, condition and surface treatment of any presumed or known ACMs

• The asbestos type, either by collecting representative samples, or by making a presumption based on the product type and its appearance etc.

• The relative ability of the various types of ACMs identified to release asbestos fibres into the air by carrying out a material assessment.

ii. We aim to issue all reports within 2 full working days of completion of the site survey. We are however reliant on a third party for analysis of any samples and at busy times we may require a longer time scale to issue the report.

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