Pre-purchase asbestos survey
If you are considering the purchase of a property that was built before the year 2000 there is a possibility that it could contain asbestos. It is recommended that prior to committing to buy, a pre-purchase asbestos survey is carried out to identify any asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) that could be disturbed during normal occupancy or routine maintenance.

Why have a Pre-purchase asbestos survey?

Manage the risk to your loved ones

ACM’s present little risk to health if they remain in good condition and can be safely managed but if they deteriorate or are damaged asbestos fibres can become airborne, and if inhaled pose a serious hazard to health. If ACM’s are identified in your pre-purchase survey we can advise on the best course of action to ensure the risk is minimised.

Know what you’re buying

ACM’s are a liability and removing them can be costly. If their presence is identified prior to purchase this can be reflected in your valuation of the property.

Negotiate a fair price

You may choose to remove any ACM’s prior to moving in to your new property. Factor the cost of removal works into your purchase offer or if the price has been agreed consider renegotiating.

Satisfy your lender

Increasingly lenders are insisting that asbestos surveys are carried out prior to approving a mortgage.

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