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Safety Surveys provides comprehensive asbestos testing, sampling and surveys across Harpenden. We offer asbestos consultancy services for building managers, home buyers, landlords and the construction industry.
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Do you require an asbestos survey in Harpenden? Safety Surveys offers local testing, sampling and surveys.

Safety Surveys is a local asbestos consultancy, which means that we can offer a prompt response to our Harpenden clients. Our customers always come first, so we won’t keep you waiting for survey results. In the majority of cases they’re available within 48 hours.

Where can Asbestos be found?

commercial asbestos surveys
  1. Fascia Boards
  2. Roof Tiles
  3. Water Tank
  4. Under Stair Soffit
  5. Loose Fill Insulation
  6. Door Panel
  7. Down Pipe
  8. Toilet Cistern & Seat
  9. Textured ‘Artex’ Type Coating
  10. Roof Sheets
  11. Boiler
  12. Insulation Board Panels
  13. Vinyl floor tiles
  14. Acoustic Sink Pad
  15. Pipe Boxing
  16. Damp Proof Course
  17. Insulation Board Panel
  18. Flue Pipe
  19. Soffit Boards
  20. Window Putty
  21. Infill Panel
  22. Pipework & Pipe Insulation
  23. Bath Panel
  24. Soffit Board
  25. Guttering
  26. Roofing Felt
  1. Water Tank
  2. Door Panel
  3. Pipe Insulation
  4. Boiler insulation
  5. Toilet seat
  6. Insulating Wall Panel
  7. Toilet cistern
  8. Insulating Board Panel
  9. Roof Sheets
  10. Infill Panel
  11. Cement downpipe
  12. Fuse guards
  13. Vinyl Floor Tiles
  14. Flue Pipe
  15. Roof Under Cloak
  16. Loose fill insulation
  17. Space Heater
  18. Pipe Boxing
  19. Damp proof course
  20. Roofing felt
  21. Soffit Boards
  22. ‘Artex’ Type Coating
  23. Profile Sheeting
  24. Sprayed Insulation

Why choose Safety Surveys for Harpenden asbestos services?

All our asbestos surveyors are local to the Harpenden area, so they are available at short notice, and can be with you promptly. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of service our team provides for customers; we don’t use jargon, we schedule to your timetable, and our prices are affordable.

Prompt Response

We use local surveyors so they can be with our Harpenden clients fast. In the majority of cases, we can have a surveyor with you the day you make your enquiry. We’re equally fast when it comes to delivering our reports; most of our clients receive the results of their surveys within 48 hours.

Competitive Prices

We’re able to offer affordable pricing because we work with local surveyors. The savings we make on time and travel expenses get passed on to our Harpenden customers directly. So our prices stay competitive. We can guarantee that we’ll beat any like-for-like quote on other asbestos services.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of surveyors are qualified and experienced professionals. Safety Surveys requires BOHS P402 certification as a minimum, as well as a number of years working in UKAS accredited lab environments within the UK. All of our asbestos services adhere to the HSE regulations, HSG264.

‘Can Do’ Approach

Our approach is friendly, proactive and inclusive – because we want people to use the services we offer. There’s no expectation that you should know the law, or regulations governing asbestos, that’s what we’re here for. We speak plainly, and we always ask our clients for honest feedback.

Asbestos Survey Harpenden

Asbestos is still causing unnecessary deaths

The HSE reports that there are around 5,000 deaths each year with direct links to asbestos inhalation at work. The majority of those deaths will be the result of breathing in asbestos fibres decades ago. The symptoms of diseases caused by asbestos take years to reveal themselves, by which time it’s often too late. Asbestos has been banned for use in construction since 1999 but it’s still present in the fabric of older buildings.

Asbestos is now beginning to be proactively managed in the UK. More and more bulding managers and home owners know about asbestos surveys and are using them to manage the potential presence of asbestos responsibly. Safety Surveys works with Harpenden businesses, residents and industries to manage and clear the threat of asbestos from homes, schools and workplaces.

Asbestos Survey Harpenden

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Asbestos Surveying and testing

Types of Asbestos Surveys in Harpenden

Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey

Planning to buy a property in Harpenden? If it was built prior to 2000 it could be that asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were used in its construction. Pre-purchase asbestos surveys are designed to provide buyers with peace of mind. Surveyors will assess whether or not asbestos is present, its condition, and its location.

The survey is non-intrusive; specialist surveyors will carry out a visual examination of the property. Once complete, your detailed report should be with you within 48 hours. Most ACMs are in an inert state, and are harmless. If there is action required, the report will explain exactly what needs to be done.

Asbestos Management Survey

If a 20th century building is being used as a shop, a warehouse, or for commercial purposes, it’s a requirement that an asbestos management survey is carried out by professional surveyors. This will ascertain whether or not asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were used in the construction of the building. If they were, they need to be identified, risk assessed and managed.

Most ACMs found in the fabric of older buildings are in an inert state and are not a health hazard, so long as they’re not disturbed. An asbestos management survey is non-intrusive. Surveyors carry our a visual assessment of the premises. Any ACMs are identified, their location logged, and recommendations for ongoing management are provided in our report.

Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

Any 20th century building scheduled for demolition or refurbishment in Harpenden, requires a mandatory refurbishment and demolition survey (R&D). This prevents the hazardous local dispersal of asbestos fibres into the air where they could be inhaled.

An R&D survey is intrusive, which is to say that surveyors won’t just carry out a visual inspection; they need to examine every part of the building and plant. Survey findings are normally available within 48 hours of completion.

Asbestos Sampling Survey

Safety Surveys offers home owners, property developers and refurbishers in Harpenden the opportunity to sample areas suspected of containing asbestos. Lab analysis will provide absolute confirmation if the substance is asbestos, and detail whether or not it is hazardous.

We keep the process simple at Safety Surveys. Just contact us to arrange for the collection of a sample from your premises. We send it off for analysis, and get the result to you within two working days.

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