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Asbestos Sampling Surveys

If you have specific materials that you suspect may contain asbestos and you’d like to have them tested we can help. We will attend your property promptly to collect samples and have the results to you within 2 working days. Call us on 01582 966 700
Asbestos Sampling Surveys
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Do you need a specific material tested?

This differs from the other surveys we carry out in that the client will instruct us to collect a sample or samples from a specific material. We work on the instruction of the client in order to identify if materials of specific concern contain asbestos fibres.

Often asbestos sampling is requested where refurbishment or demolition works have uncovered suspect material in need of urgent analysis for asbestos content. We also regularly carry out sampling for property buyers who have had suspect materials highlighted during their home buyers survey. In either case, we’d recommend a full survey of the building, however sampling can be a cost effective, speedy option.

When an asbestos sampling survey is requested, we follow up promptly with a visit to the premises. Our asbestos consultant will safely collect the samples and forward them on to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. In most cases the lab analysis results will be available for you within 1-2 working days.

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Safety Surveys

Instructing an Asbestos Survey

Safety Survey’s consultants will work with you to achieve clarity when it comes to suspected ACMs. Our experienced surveyors will:

  • Carry out a targeted survey on the area specified by the client
  • Forward samples to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis
  • Report back within 2 working days
  • Offer appropriate expert advice on next steps

We’re highly experienced in the extraction of samples for analysis. Call us on 01582 966 700 for a prompt response.

If you’ve had a Home Buyers Survey and your report has highlighted areas of the house where ACMs may be present, an asbestos sampling survey would provide you with clarity. Similarly, contractors encountering potential ACMs on site can achieve a prompt response to their query with minimum delay and disruption to works.

If the material is going to be unavoidably disturbed, during refurbishment works for example, then we’d typically recommend removal. Depending on the type of material, this work may need to be carried out by a licensed asbestos removal contractor. We can advise on this once we have the lab analysis results in hand.

If the material is in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed, we may recommend that it remain in situ and we’ll advise how it can be managed safely.

Normally it’s not. Clients asking for asbestos sampling give us the exact location of the suspected ACMs. Our expert surveyors will extract the samples they need fast and efficiently. We will always aim to cause minimal disruption.


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